Ayush Goyal

ayush@benoffe.com | +91 88887 96670 | Ratlam (M.P.) India, 457001 | Linkedin

Certified Tea Taster

Ayush Goyal is a certified tea taster, certified by the oldest existing tea auctioneer in India.  Having tasted more than 28K cups of tea to date, his reach experience, and expertise on the subject matter make him one of the prominent personalities in the industry.

Born in the city of Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India. Ayush has traveled to the United Arab Emirates & Thailand to research the UAE's Zafran Tea & Thailand's, Matcha Teas. 

He established his own brand under the name 'Benoffe Tea' by the House of Benoffe.

House of Benoffe is a group serving both goods & service industry in its wings. Benoffe FMCG caters to primarily Tea, and Snacks, Dryfruits.

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